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December 04, 2005



Keep out of trouble won't you?
Malc keeping well and sober

mobark hans

Hello there
I was read your great presentation about ppl saharian really look very nice and have a wonderful photos! hope to know more i live in south morocco exactly in tantan !!!

Jodie Morris

Merry Christmas to you both
You are both so amazing. I always get great joy out of reading your new posts.
thinking of you always
Love and miss you both

Malc from Coventry

Hello my Australian friend and Gary of course. It's almost Christmas and I thought that i would drop you a line even if Christmas isn't the same without your company even if you do hog the bottle.
I'm pleased to see that your journey is happening and going well for you both.
Keep out of trouble won't you?
Malc keeping well and sober

I hope you don't have to go back to Britain again to get your visa extended! It would be too much. Looking forward to your next email, lots of love, Mum (Bev.)


Wow, you two are on some adventure. I stumbled across your postings last night and I’m hooked. Spent an hour today reading some of your older posts. A few years ago my wife & I lived in Marrakech for 5 months. We once cycled down to M’hamid and did a camel trek. Your posts sure brought back memories and I marvel that you walked all the way down there. Amazing! Lovely photos too! You can see some of our photos from that trip here:


Please take care!



Youre gorgeous!x


'Good 'un'
Great to see you looking so well.
Was getting a bit twitchy.
Lots of love from chilly London
Joanne 'big 'un'

Lisa G

Hi there,
Great to see the new post - sounds SO wonderful, how will you ever lead a 'norm' life again???? Not that you will want to anyway... Love the idea of big is good... Lots of love, Lisa, Wes, Kate & Emma. XXXXX

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