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July 16, 2005



You WALKED over the Tiz N Tischka pass? Holy crap. You should be honorary Berbers by now.


Hi !

I was afaid you slept all this time in Marrakech, thanks to the mod convens you ought to find in this beautiful city !
I once thought you might have troubles and I was really scared to the idea that may be you've had any problem as everybody can have, but which is in your case not uitable at all... The fact is that you didn't send a life sign since merely two weeks !
Thanks God, your're ok and you're finally in Ouarzazte which you reached, I guess, a little bit after Brad Pitt's journey. By the way, your photos are simply amazing, I hope I can see them one day in an album.

Take care of you and may God bless you.

N. Mouhtadi

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