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August 02, 2005


Lee LeFever

Wow, I am so impressed. My wife and I will be trekking around the globe via all sorts of conveyances in 2006 and your story so far has inspired us to think about what is possible.

I loved reading about the desert road that changed when viewed from a vehicle- a beautiful insight. I'm excited to read more about your trip to the Sahara- best of luck!


Well done both of you, I´d find the freezing meseta walking much easier than the roasting Saharan type. I´ve been enjoying the log a lot so keep it up! Meanwhile Elsbeth and I will keep pedaling.....


Well done to you both. You must be very proud. I am, just knowing the both of you. Enjoy you rest.
I wont be back in the UK until the end of september now so i wont get to see you. That means i will just have to come and find you both with a couple of cold beers...
all the best
you are in my thoughts
Jodie M

Lisa G

Hi my darlings - was thinking of you on the 1st - what an enormous achievement, you 2 are so amazing. You both look fantastic, Dad mentioned you'd be in the UK for a bit, if we win tatts this week, I'll fly over & see you!!!! Love you both SO much - take care. Lisa, Wes, Kate & Emma.

Donald Lovegrove

Congratulations Paula and Gary, what a monumental achievement! I've followed your progress since France, and wonder what your supporters are going to do for the next 2 months. Poor us, life will seem so empty! I can't wait for you to resume your travels. Enjoy your rest, and good luck with your camel planning. Don, Victoria, BC, Canada.


Congratulations, Paula and Gary! Enjoy your well-earned rest. I can't wait to follow along again across the Sahara!

troy bowie

Congratulations guys!

I have been following your progress as often as I can, Paula your diary entries have keep me very entertained.

Im looking foward to following the next stage.

Enjoy the rest, you both deserve it.

Thinking of you both


well done!
i hope your rest days are simply blissful.
bless you both.
paula you must now have buns of steel!

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