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October 23, 2005



It had been good to study through your article. I just loved the few minutes i spent studying it and wanted to leave a comment to mention that....Regards


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Priscilla in Melbourne

Have been following your travels with great interest and a little envy. The text is wonderfully descriptive and the photos are a joy.

bev walshe

Just read your article in Walkabout mag. Great reading, keep it up.

Love, MumW


just to correct my new e-mail adress.c.odartchenko instead of cecile.odartchenko.
Love, Cécile


My dearest paula and Garry, how wonderfull to watch you in the desert, in your beautiful outfits and with the splendid people! It is a real treat and i am sending to you all my love. cécile

Lisa H

What a fantastic read! As always I wish I was there, but your writing and photographs bring it alive.

Missing you both lots, glad to hear that everyone is taking care of you and that you are enjoying yourselves so much.

Take care Lisa and Neil xxx

Lisa G

Hey, great to see the latest post, sounds so fantastic and you both look absolutely wonderful. love always, Lisa Wes Kate & Emma XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

It was wonderful to see so many interesting (and beautiful) people in your lastest posting. Please give my regards to your guides: they seem to be looking after you both very well. I enjoyed the henna cake on the foot! Did it work? Both of you are looking good-- the new clothes are stunning!

Have just heard from Ashley who is now in Puerto Escondido which he describes as 'a little hippy surf town, and he is taking language lessons. Fortunately he was out of the way of the cyclone.


Mum W.


Paula, so good to hear you and Gary have set off again.

I've never considered a desert trek, but your writing is beautiful and I find myself earning for Africa!

Continued good luck and good travels -- I can't wait for your next post.


i know you are alright. you mentioned how
good the food was. i can stop worrying now.
big lurve.

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