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May 31, 2006


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As his love of white glasses came from the fact that Elsie was wearing them during our visit to Missouri. I think it's cute. Funny, but cute. So Els, I think I have your number one fan right here!

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I love your accounts of your time in the Sahara. Like others here I've spent time with the Saharawi. We're lucky people!
Keep up the great work.


I have been to the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria twice (and Iplan to return in July), and your post made me miss Saharawi tea dearly. I could remember my host families doing every detail of the process you wrote about. Thanks.


What a lovely post. The details of everyday life throw into view the similarites and differences between us all, and increase understanding between, and appreciation of, different cultures. That for me is what it is all about, and what your great website gives me. Thank you and keep journeying.
Emma, in Yorkshire.


Beautiful. It seems paramount to an hour of meditation, which I find great benefit from doing once a week, much less three times a day.

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