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August 14, 2006



i'm looking for some good solutions for my acne problems. thought i'd ask for advice before i buy acne treatment
any help would be appreciated. thanks,


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best to ask the community before I dive head first...thanks.


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ps. yeah, I'am blondy :) hope to see youu again)


Dear Paula,
Thank you for sharing your real feelings on the blog. It sounds as if you have had a very difficult summer.
Don't give up on your dream, a way to make it happen will come. You have a lot to offer with your writing. You write well and your compassion and insight an important factor in why your writing is so appealing.
Have you thought about asking others who have successfully published in 'travel writing' how they did it?
Keep going Paula, we are all behind you.

clint W

Dear Paula, In the 14 months that I have followed your walk, I have come to appeciate your voice and point of view. There have been times that I felt there were gaps that you choose not to fill and yet now you have come to a point where you are filling these gaps. It is your life and it is an interesting life yet as in most lives there are times things don't turn out as planned. You seem to be adjusting well, you still have goals that are important to you and that gives you a leg up on a vast majority of people. As long as I feel you still have important things to say, I will continue to look forward to your posts.


Good to hear how things are going. Life is full of lessons doesnt matter how old you get. Very best wishes to your Mum from London. It must be strange to be 'home' again when home is now so many places. Best of luck with Dove. Jxxxx

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