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August 24, 2006



Oh Paula!!! Here I am doing a happy dance for you at work! What a wonderful thing it is to live out your dreams and have the universe co-operate with you! You go girlfriend!! I am looking forward to reading your book...and it WILL be published. walk on! Jackie


Im about to get on a plane.....Where is the other half of your body. I have been looking at your picture with my nose touching the screen and I cant see you....
Just assure me and all your other body worshippers that you are all still there.
Big lurve from Sunny London


Right, that's it. WHEN do we all get to read this book???? Can't we bribe someone to publish it? Well done on the funding...can't wait to read more!

Lisa G

To all the wonderful people out there following Paula's walk - thank you so much for suporting my gorgeous little sister. She is the most amazing person, heart of gold, loving , accepting, with the adventourous streak (thanks to Dad) and so committed and determined. I look up to you Paula and after finishing reading your first book (please everyone - WHEN it is out, buy it)! - I have laughed, cried, admired, been sad, been happy, exhilarated, uplifted, ashamed, proud and all the rest with you on this journey - what I would do to join you. I love you so much. Always - Lisa. XXXXXXXXXXX


Oh, Paula! Congratulations!!!

I knew the funding would come through. I can't wait to follow the next leg of your adventurous life!


Welldone Paula, I knew you'd do it - Go Girl!!

Aaron & Jean

In December last year we drove past you on the piste near Tan Tan. Later we got stuck in a sand storm and waited it out with you in your tent, where you made us tea and a wonderful meal. We never forgot you and have been following your site ever since (and emailed a couple of times). We listened to "Aicha" over and over on the radio, remember? Very funny. We both always knew you would make it, and we want to say congratulations. We are both sure you will get all the way to Egypt. Our regards to madani and Mbarak, perhaps we will find your tent again one day. Aaron and Jean, in the blue truckxx


Excellent! What a testament to persistence you've been, it's gratifying to see you make some headway.

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