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September 12, 2006


Damien (the snake)Fry

Hi Paula,,

gee I wished we could have done more work re the core strengthening. Great to hear you are under way. Love your spunky photo shots...Lyn and I are well and often think of you. David got into dentistreeee Mike is of to Sweden in Jan 07 and Jim and Bree will marry in Vanuatu mid 07 and Ralph (the dorg is a great companion) Love and kisses from all.


Lovely to hear you so positive and raring to go again. Hope your Mums doing well.
Great to hear about Doves background work and to find out the whole advertising campaign in the UK wasnt just a gimmick.
Ive bought some of their products too.
Well done honey, looking forward to hearing from you again soon.xxxx

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