> Paris

Hey, we all have them
Orchestra in a metro station - well, why not?
Gary and the Louvre
The rather posh Deux Magots
I think that says all there is to say about the coffee afficionados of the Deux Magots
Dead Centre of Town...the Pere Lachaise
Come on I had to photograph it
The sign at Jim Morrison's grave
The hub of the Place de Tertre, Montmartre
Montmartre drinking establishment
Bar in Montmartre
Sacre Coeur on Montmartre Hill
Carousel at Montmartre
St Germain des Pres back alley
A smiley bloke in St Germain des Pres back alleys
The market in Belleville
Painter in action, Montmartre
The bloke in Place Tertre who painted Kate, my neice, from a photo
A good Montmartre Bohemian...he painted me just for fun and didn't even get cross when I didn't buy