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I just can't work out why it takes so long for us to pack up in the morning
The stream behind our camp at Loeuilly, sunrise
Loeuilly Lake at sunrise
Loeuilly camp
Wine, cheese, baguette, sunset, lake.  Ah.
Picnic by the lake
Feasting at Loeuilly
Did someone say it was Monday?
A bad photo of the laughing ducks of Loeuilly...I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold the camera
Peaky the stove. See story below.
Extreme camping...which came first?
We're off to see the wizard...
Interesting haystack
Horse and cart on the road to Montreuil
Notre Dame, Amiens, in daylight
The central arc of the front of the Amiens Cathedral in daylight
The front of the Amiens cathedral in daylight